New Series Update

2014-07-24 00:42:13 by CrazyJackAnims

 I have finished the storyboards for my new cartoon, Jesus & Me (after several months, and it probably shouldn't have taken that long). I am now starting the animation process. Check it out!


Hello those of you that care!

It's Christmas! And you know what that means! It means I better get animating soon before I'm gutted alive by all 7 of my fans!

For those wondering, I have not been animating at ALL. Rather, I have been contemplating what to animate because I was waiting for a better microphone on Christmas Day. It's been a moth since I last posted something, and I just wanted you to know that I am still out there.

One of my thoughts is of a cartoon called Jesus & Me, a show about to best freinds  (Jesus & Haydn) who go through all sorts of wacky mis-adventures together! I don't have anything planned for a big pilot, rather a single punchline joke to get started, I'll get to the Meat & Potatoes later in the series.

In Fact, I already have some concept art for Jesus! let me know what you think:

I also have concept art for Ryu in a street fighter IV parody, and yes, I know his Left arm is a bit messed up, but that was a fluke:


Ryu Concept ArtJesus Concept Art



2013-11-29 14:27:38 by CrazyJackAnims

Oh Hai Newgrounds!
I will be uploading animations shortly to this site, and i appreciate all open criticisms and review, because, lets face it, im no Oney or Egoraptor.
I look forward to your comments, and if you like my content, check out my Youtube channel for non-animations and more!